Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So Romantic!

I always used to think the act of making a baby was going to be this romantic one-on-one moment.  I never thought about couples who were infertile, or lacked all the necessary parts to conceive, and would require a small army to start a family.  Yet there we were at 7am yesterday in the fertility clinic sitting with our egg donor's boyfriend.  This was the day we were extracting eggs and making our, uh, donation. 

Text her, the donor's boyfriend said.  They are about to put her out and I'm sure she'd love to know you're here.

"We're here!" I texted.
"I think [boyfriend] is in the lobby." she replied.

I responded, "Yes he is  :)  He's in the room lending a hand to Allen and I!".
She replies, "Haha he's such a good bf!"

Oh yes this was the romantic one-on-one moments I had always dreamt of.  Texting our egg donor while sitting next to her boyfriend and joking about masturbation.  

Next thing we know it's our turn to assist in the baby making process and its off to the Specimen Collection room.  Talk about romantic.  With its glaring florescent lights, collection cups, and drawers of old porn this is Webster Dictionary's definition of romantic.  And let's not forget about all the people we could hear outside the room.  This caused me to start over thinking this romantic moment:

How many people noticed us going into the room together?  Should we turn the porn up to drown out their voices?  But then what if it's too loud and they can hear it?  Or worse, what if they hear us?  Turn the TV back up.  Oh my gosh do you realize the egg donor and her boyfriend know exactly what we are doing right now!  

We returned to the lobby and waited for our donor to emerge from surgery.  She gave us the thumbs up and we all hugged.  That was as close to post sex cuddling it was going to get. 

The doctor later came out and exclaimed, "17 eggs!".  He continued to tell us how the procedure went and advised they'd be creating embryos later in the day.

Creating embryos?  Creating embryos!  We officially have embryos!!!  And we should have results back today as to how many are viable.  But right now in a medical building on Wilshire Blvd. our future kid(s) are just chillin'.  Actually they're probably in an incubator or something, so their warmin'.

Transfer is set for this Saturday! 

Bonus!  Here's photos from our Baby Making Brunch:

Egg donor, Robbie, Allen and Andrea our surrogate!
Credit goes to Andrea for the egghead artistry.
Family photo!
Egg Donor & Boyfriend.  Robbie's Parents.  Us.  Andrea & her hubby Eric.


  1. Yeah, I remember the "donation" days. I had to do a test run and then a real donation. It was quite the experience. I remember I tried to take it all in because the absurdity of it all helped me write a very funny blog entry. Enjoy the funny stories you'll have from this and know that it'll be a blur when you become dads.

  2. Congrats!!! Good luck on the transfer!