Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mixed Emotions

It's amazing how quickly a week can go from amazing to questionable to downright heart breaking.

On Tuesday we left at 5am in the morning to drive up to Napa.  Our friends were already there with our godson, Bronson.  We wined, dined, and had an amazing time.  While there we enjoyed (free!) tastings at Chappellet, Opus One, Flora Springs, Schramsburg, Frank Family, Silverado, Paraduxx, Grgich, Alpha Omega, and more.

My overall favorite was Chappellet.  Love their reds and whites.  Plus we served this at our Boston wedding.  Alpha Omega had the most amazing Chardonnay.  It tasted like caramel corn!   Lastly, Schramsburg was very cool with caves dating back to the 1800's.

Leaving on Friday was not an easy thing to do, especially since Allen had to head off to work Friday night.

While in Napa we got a text from our friend/egg donor "We need to talk when you get back".  Hmm.... And on the drive back we get a call from Allen's boss "We need to meet when you get back".  Hmm....

Work ended up being a move to another restaurant location.  I know I need to be supportive.  I know I need to suck it up and be happy he has a great job.  I just hate that he works long hours, we don't get 24 hour periods together, and now he'll be working farther from home.  I used to pop in all the time to see him but with the new location across town and the addition of crazy LA traffic, "popping in" isn't going to be easy.

We met with our friend/egg donor today.  She has been holding back the fact she has some hormonal issues that are now going to prevent her from taking the necessary drugs to donate eggs.  She has tears in her eyes while telling us she can't move forward with helping us start a family.  I'm holding my tears back as I'm devastated and wondering how we are going to proceed now.

As they say this too shall pass.  Its just so frustrating.  One minute you're flying high, enjoying your 16 month old godson in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, and dreaming about how this life will be yours soon -- very soon.  And the next minute *BAM* your husband's job is moved across town and *BAM* you lose your egg donor.

Ugh.  Here's to a happier post next time!  In the meantime, some pics of our godson, Bronson!



  1. Hi Guys sorry to hear about your egg donor, such a shock for all you, dont let it stop you reaching for your dream, its just a slight detour. your godson looks like such a cheeky little chap, amazing smile, sounds like u had good times in Napa :) may you have many more to come x

  2. Oh...I'm so sorry to hear about your egg donor. That is heartbreaking. This is such a long, crazy path for all of us filled with high highs and low lows. I hope that very soon you will be able to get over this setback and keep trying. I know it's hard to pick yourself up and keep going when something like this happens, but know that all of us here across the country are rooting for you two and a happy ending sooner or later.

  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear this. Wish there were peppy words I could put here that didn't sound hollow. :-/ I got nuttin. (I suck - sorry.)

    I want to smoosh kisses on your godson. He is uber-cute totes.

  4. Guys, I am so sorry to hear about your egg donor, and hope that she is able to find solutions for her health problems! Beyond the fact that this is a major bummer for you, it could signal longer term problems for her too! You are both in my thoughts and prayers as you search thru your options for what to do moving forward! Best wishes!

  5. I had to constantly remind myself that our "master plan" was never really our real master plan. We changed egg donors, clinics, surrogates, switched back and forth between who was going to "try" this time in terms of the sperm donor, you name it, it changed. It got frustrating and was the source of a lot of anger and resentment in our relationship but what we never lost sight of was that we were going to have a baby. As long as I knew Bill saw eye to eye with me on this, I was good. So my advice here is ... there are other egg donors out there...or actually, YOUR egg donor is out there and you just haven't found her yet. And I tell you something else, there's also a baby out there that is going to be YOUR baby, he or she just hasn't made his or her way to you yet. The best way to ensure that beautiful baby DOES make their way in to your home and hearts is to keep trying and moving forward.

    Ok, off my soap box! Good luck with everything.