Thursday, November 1, 2012

Upon endorsement

Our close friends just had their third son. That's right, third. I mean how many do you really need?  They've already got two. We'd be happy with just one!

When we initially heard they were pregnant we offered $30,000 for the baby.  We were serious.  She said if it's a girl she's keeping it but if it's another boy she'd consider selling it to us. 

It was a boy - horray!

We finally met the little guy at his bris last week and brought along a check for $30,000.  Terms and conditions of the check are below:

I can't seem to turn the photo so just turn your head.

Let's just say the check is now void.

In the meantime our hunt continues for an egg donor.  We've got 3 lined up all pending blood tests and ultrasound follicle scans.  But I can't stand all the downtime for testing! There's so much waiting since these tests should only be done on the third day of the cycle and the donor cannot be on any birth control (or you have to wait another month for them to be off it!).

Sort of on a side note.... who knew being gay would cause us to be so educated and focused on a woman's period! 

If one of these awesome ladies works out, we should know by the end of the month!  Here's to hoping our next post is the announcement of finding the egg donor.


  1. I swear I know more about a woman's cycle than, three quarters of my female friends. I know all about follicle development and ovulation now.

  2. Ah, writing a check would be so much easier - insta-family. Good luck with the donors!

    1. Seriously, insta-family would be so nice! Just add water ;)

  3. Maybe I am lost, why are you looking for a egg donor? SCI in India has hundrends of them. I found one in 2 days, and now I am in week 30. 10 more weeks and i will be a daddy. Contact them as t speak to Dr Shavani she is awesome

  4. i know that waiting fustration feeling, hang in there guys, it will be worth it in the end :)