Saturday, November 17, 2012


I think we've had eggs every which way you could imagine:

Scrambled? - check.
Hard Boiled? - check.
Soft Boiled? - check.
Sunny Side Up? - check.
Over Easy? - check.
Fertile? - check.


Fertile? - check.

That's right!  It looks like we've secured our egg donor!  Not just any egg donor, a donor with an AMAZING follicle count of 27.  

You read that right: 27!

I know we shouldn't get too excited because there's a long road ahead but this is eggcellent news! We've only shared it with our parents (and all of you -- our fellow IP friends!).

There's still a ways to go but one more hurdle out of the way!



  1. Great news, guys! Awesome follicle count!

  2. Woohoo- that is a really exciting AFC count. Congrats

  3. woo hoo! Congrats! Our donor had a follicle count of 20 and we had 16 mature eggs. You guys have a great number!

  4. What a great number. I'm hoping the good news keeps coming in. And I ate eggs too. Silly, but it's what we do. Then, for the day of the embryo transfer I ate Life cereal. I swear it works. I have no scientific proof...just two babies from the transfer when I ate Life cereal. :-D