Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ready. Set. Go!

Time to bring everyone up to speed!

Our last post (nearly a year ago!) ended with an open letter to our surrogate-to-be.  After many interviews and even signing with an agency, we've gone independent and found the most amazing surrogate, Andrea!  Andrea won our hearts over and we couldn't be more elated that she's decided to help make us both dad's.

OMGee we're gonna be dads!

But before we become dads we're first having a Baby Making Brunch.  What's a Baby Making Brunch you ask?  Well Allen and I decided it would be great if everyone met before starting to build our little family.  So this Saturday my parents, Andrea and her husband, and our egg donor and her boyfriend will all be having brunch.  I'm thinking we should all order eggs...

And as if making a baby weren't enough to keep us busy we've been house hunting for about the last two years and now we're in escrow!  We close on our home next week and I've been a busy bee pinning ideas for the nursery  :)

So keep those fingers crossed for our up and coming transfer and hopefully we'll have some good news to share soon!


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    1. Oh...I just made the connection! I follow your blog and Andrea's blog. She is one of my favorite surrogates. She's pretty case you didn't already know. Looking forward to reading about this journey from both sides of the process!

  2. So happy to hear the update, and pleased that everything is moving forward! Looking forward to hearing more as you move forward! x